The complete package for hospital patient food ordering, controlling, preparing, and delivering – works for preparation and satellite kitchens. Designed specifically and only for hospitals.

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Reduce Wrong Meal Assignments

Failure to consider allergies and nutritional requirements has led to multiple life-threatening situations with patients in hospital care. HospMenu combats this by tracking patients' allergens and restricting available meals accordingly. Dieticians can also automatically schedule items to a patient's meal plan to ensure they receive specific nutrition when required.

Properly Secure your Data

Medical data is highly confidential, and its security is essential. HospMenu is designed to be hosted on a hospital's internal private server and complies with standard safety protocols. Your data will not be available anywhere you do not want it to be.

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Adjust the System to You

Adjust what allergens you wish to monitor, the functions available to different system users, the dates and time orders can be made, and what nutrition analysis software you're tied into. HospMenu adjusts to meet your system rather than forcing you to adjust.

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